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Conversion of waste pallets into raw materials for recycled resin raw with a low waste disposal cost.

Conversion of waste pallets into raw materials for recycled resin raw with a low waste disposal cost.


A client manufacturer uses resin pallets for receiving materials and shipping products, but disposes of aged or damaged pallets as industrial waste plastic. They consulted us because the cost of waste disposal was increasing.


Examination of waste disposal cost reduction.

The company had been striving to minimize waste by using deteriorated pallets that were not suitable for product transportation for its own internal cargo handling. However, many of these pallets were not suitable for reuse due to damage or soiling. In addition, they were disposed of almost exclusively as industrial waste because they were of several different sizes and were not easy to use.

Key Points of the Issue

How can we dispose of damaged, dirty, and unevenly sized pallets without incurring costs?


Key Points of Resolution

Although there are differences between disposal sites, there is no great difference in the price range of waste plastics as industrial waste.

Conversion of waste pallets into recycled resin material.

We believed that we would not be able provide the level of raw material demanded by the user if the material was disposed of as industrial waste. Therefore, we conducted trials with our partner compound manufacturer to find out the possibility of using the material as a base material for recycled pellets.

We were resultantly able to confirm that there were no problems in using it as base material for recycled pellets. By ensuring efficient transportation, we were able to propose its conversion from industrial waste to a valuable material that could be sold for a fee.

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