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Effective use of scrap generated from production processes.

Effective use of scrap generated from production processes.


A major automobile manufacturer was seeking to utilize resources effectively and reduce the cost of procuring casting materials and parts from external suppliers by supplying scrap generated during the production process to its own and its suppliers' foundries as casting materials.

We have had a long relationship with a major automaker since our establishment, and we have been contracted to collect and transport scrap from its production line by placing workers at the automaker's plant. We also have a base of operations on the plant's premises, which enables us to respond to the automaker's requests.


How do I utilize scrap generated from the production process of a major automobile manufacturer?

Under the direction of a major automobile manufacturer, scrap from the production process must be collected at the appropriate time, transported and stored by type (in our yard), and supplied (delivered) to the casting plant in a timely manner.

Key Points of the Issue

・Can we collect scrap without disrupting the production process and transport and store it in accordance with the amount of scrap generated on a daily basis?

・Is it possible to supply (deliver) scrap to the foundry in accordance with the production plan?


Key Points of Resolution

・Staffing according to the production plan and daily scrap generation.

・Arrangement of transportation vehicles according to the above and inventory status at the receiving location (our yard or foundry).

Assess the situation and take appropriate action.

We have been able to avoid unforeseen situations by tailoring staffing (production line side collection) to suit the production plans of major automakers, arranging transportation vehicles according to the daily scrap generation, and maintaining close contact with related departments. We have been able to supply scrap to casting plants without delay.

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