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Supply high-quality, newly cut roses using our network.

Supply high-quality, newly cut roses using our network.


A casting manufacturer with whom we conduct business regularly requested us to somehow procure scrap materials for their casting products, as it has become difficult to secure scrap materials in sufficient quantities due to issues related to price, composition, shape, and other factors.


The occurrence of high-grade new broken roses is becoming less and less common.

"High-grade new-cut roses are often used for steel scrap that is used as raw materials in the pig iron casting industry (foundries).However, in the automotive industry, which generates a large amount of scrap, the use of high-tensile strength materials is increasing as automobiles become lighter. Additionally, the use of scrap materials with high impurity content, which are not suitable for the pig iron casting industry, is increasing.

Securing high-grade, newly-cut balas is becoming a challenge for the pig iron casting industry, and customers have been quite vocal in their requests for this service."

Key Points of the Issue

Can you find newly-cut roses that meet the delivery standards of the scrap materials used by the customer, including price conditions?


Key Points of Resolution

Utilizing our own scrap materials and extensive network of suppliers

We visited scrap dealers to check the actual items.

"Utilizing our extensive trade network, we visited scrap dealers and looked around for scrap that could be sold to foundries among the scrap sold to electric furnace makers or for export.

As a result, we were able to find and supply newly-cut roses of the material that our customers were looking for."

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