Resource Recycling and Auto Parts Manufacturing and Sales


Frequently asked questions about the company as a whole.

What is the origin of the name Keiaisha?

It is derived from the words of Saigo Takamori, who said, "Respect the heavens and love people." For details, please see the Corporate Symbol page.

Can you tell us about your efforts to protect the global environment?

Our main business is resource recycling, which is directly related to CO2 reduction and the preservation of the environment. Additionally, we are engaged in a variety of environmentally friendly initiatives. For details, please refer to the Environment page.

Keiaisha's main locations are in Kanto, Tohoku, Kitakyushu, etc., but not in Kansai, Tokai, Hokkaido, etc. Why is this?

This network of locations is the result of the history of our company's expansion into the areas where our major business partners are expanding.

The resource recycling business includes the metals scrap business, the automotive recycling business, and the aluminum recycling business, but I don't understand the difference between them. Could you please explain it in a simple manner?

All of these businesses recycle or reuse metal resources. However, the sources of raw materials (suppliers) and sales destinations of each of these businesses differ. This is why they are classified separately.

The sources of raw materials for the metals scrap business include automobile manufacturers and auto parts manufacturers. Scrap vehicles, the raw material for the automotive recycling business, are purchased from new car dealers, used car dealers, sheet metal, paint, and maintenance companies, gas stations, auto auction companies, etc. Aluminum scrap, which is the raw material for the aluminum recycling business, is mainly sourced from automotive materials, construction materials, beverage cans, etc.

What kind of parts do you manufacture in the automotive parts industry?

We mainly manufacture and sell engine parts, suspension parts, intake and exhaust system parts, etc. In addition to stamped parts, we also specialize in the integrated production of automated parts, which includes welding, electrodeposition (rust-proofing), and coating.

Can you tell us about your relationship with MinebeaMitsumi, Inc.

We have had a capital and personnel relationship with MinebeaMitsumi for many years. Both companies were founded by the same founder, Mr. Seiichiro Takahashi.

How many new graduates and mid-career hires do you have each year?

We typically hire about 5-10 new graduates and 10-20 mid-career professionals each year. This number varies from year to year.