Resource Recycling and Auto Parts Manufacturing and Sales

Message From Our President

Message From Our President

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Contributing to the realization of a recycling-oriented economy through resource recycling and manufacturing.


Since its establishment in 1934, Keiaisha has been in the business of collecting and processing scrap metal and delivering it to steel manufacturers and other customers. As Japan's motorization progressed against the backdrop of its rapid economic growth, the company began recycling end-of-life vehicles. We were one of the first companies to begin recycling not only steel but also aluminum, and we are proud to be one of the leading companies in the vehicle recycling industry.


Simultaneously, we have expanded our business domain to the development and manufacture of automotive parts, utilizing the metal processing technology and knowledge we have cultivated over the years. We have established an integrated production system, which includes design, welding, assembly, and painting, and have practiced efficient and smart manufacturing. As a Tier 1 manufacturer, we are proud of the fact that the parts we manufacture have been used by major automakers for many years because of our advanced technological capabilities and thorough quality control.


Keiaisha has been engaged in resource recycling and manufacturing. If we were to use the human body as an analogy, we could say that the former is the "vein" business, whereas the latter is the "artery" business. Just as the smooth functioning of both veins and arteries keeps the body healthy, our two businesses can help preserve the global environment by working in tandem.


As awareness of the need to protect the environment grows worldwide, Keiaisha, a pioneer in recycling, has decided that now is the time to make our presence felt and has renewed our management philosophy with an eye toward the future. Keiaisha's vision for the future is to protect the global environment and contribute to the realization of a sustainable, recycling-based economy and society.


Based on this management philosophy, we will focus on resource recycling and manufacturing with higher added value than ever before, and we will also boldly take on the challenges of overseas business development and new businesses centered on recycling. We are determined to make further contributions to the realization of a recycling-oriented economy and society.

President & CEOTetsuya Tsuruta

Management Philosophy

We will engage in recycling and manufacturing processes that add value, protect the global environment, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable, recycling-oriented economy.