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Dismantling large equipment while the plant is in operation.

Dismantling large equipment while the plant is in operation.


We would like you to dismantle the factory's large equipment located while it is still in operation, because stopping the factory's operation will affect production.


Dismantling Large Equipment while the Plant is in Operation

We have dismantled a 6,000-ton press machine while the plant was still in operation.

The plant's internal passageways were also difficult to block because of the large number of production vehicles passing through, and this made it challenging to remove the equipment. It was also necessary to prevent dust and other particles from scattering on the production products.

Key Points of the Issue

・Need to implement construction without compromising productivity.

・Isolating the construction site is necessary during construction to avoid quality defects.


Key Points of Resolution

Coordination with related parties, and installation of curing walls.

Manage schedules and demolition while undertaking safety and quality considerations

The time table for removal vehicles was adjusted in coordination with the production department, and removal was carried out during the evening and nighttime when necessary. In order to ensure the safety of production workers and avoid quality defects, efforts were made to reduce dust and demarcate the construction area with dust-proof walls.

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Demolition Work Service

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