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Hazardous material survey to determine if equipment in use contains hazardous materials.

Hazardous material survey to determine if equipment in use contains hazardous materials.


"The customer was planning to update equipment that was installed in the late Showa period.

However, the person in charge of maintaining the equipment had been replaced, and the company had no idea whether the equipment contained hazardous materials and how these can be identified. So, they asked for advice on what to do first."


Are hazardous substances used in the facility?

It is often unclear whether the equipment being used contains hazardous materials.

Key Points of the Issue

The personnel who managed the facilities have been replaced. Although many of the details regarding the facilities have not been handed over properly, several elements can be determined through experience.


Key Points of Resolution

・First, information regarding certain parts can be judged by examining the facility drawings, etc.

・Field investigations are conducted to identify hazardous materials in other areas. On-site visual checks are conducted, and samples are collected for analysis as necessary. We make a comprehensive judgment, prepare a report, and propose a suitable construction method.

Survey of Hazardous Materials in Facilities

Samples of asbestos, PCBs, dioxins, etc. are collected and analyzed in a laboratory. If any hazardous materials are found, they are isolated and detoxified on site, following which the relevant equipment is dismantled.

We have a number of qualified building inspectors who can identify areas where asbestos is used and explain removal methods, etc.

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Demolition Work Service

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