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Proper Disposal of Airbags (Inflators) Discarded during Manufacturing

Proper Disposal of Airbags (Inflators) Discarded during Manufacturing


We want to properly dispose of airbags (inflators) that are discarded in the manufacturing process.


Compliant Processing

Air bag inflators (gas generators) use gunpowder, and therefore bear the risk of explosion or dispersal of hazardous substances. Therefore, the emitter is tasked with ensuring their proper disposal.

If a contractor does not properly dispose of airbags, the emitter may also be held responsible and punished.

Key Points of the Issue

Proper processing at a licensed facility is required.


Key Points of Resolution

We have obtained licenses for air bag disposal as an industrial waste treatment facility at four locations in Japan.

Keiaisha can provide proper treatment.

Keiaisha has air bag processing facilities in Akita, Tochigi, Kanagawa, and Fukuoka prefectures.

Compared to other companies, Keiaisha has by far the most expertise in air bag treatment.

Please feel free to contact us for airbag disposal.

Airbag Disposal Service

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