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We can handle the entire process from packaging to commercialization in-house, which significantly shortens the schedule.

We can handle the entire process from packaging to commercialization in-house, which significantly shortens the schedule.


A market defect has occurred in a customer-produced vehicle.

The number of vehicles involved was 1,350,000. While urgent countermeasures were required, we were asked to cooperate with the customer on press production. We promised to do our best to cooperate, but the customer was concerned about further shortening the schedule. The normal [express] schedule could not meet the customer's demand.


Parts for 1.35 million vehicles must be delivered to automobile users as soon as possible.

There are a number of steps before the countermeasure components are installed by car owners.

  • Design and analysis of countermeasure parts
  • Mold fabrication, parts production
  • Painting
  • Assembly, parts assembly
  • Packaging and commercialization
  • Shipping to designated locations
  • Installation of parts for automobile users throughout Japan

We received a request for cooperation on [mold fabrication and parts production], but we were required to respond in a short period of time, which would usually not be possible.

The customer was also concerned that the project would be delayed due to the time lost in transporting materials and other factors.

Key Points of the Issue

・How do you build a facility and produce 2.7 million units within 3 months?

・How to reduce the time lost between processes?

・How can we deliver the product to the dealer in the shortest possible time?


Key Points of Resolution

・Production equipment was increased to two units and double-tooled.※1

・We proposed that we would handle not only the production of molds and parts, but also the packaging and commercialization of products, thereby minimizing the time lost between processes and transportation.※2

We can handle the entire process, and because we are small and flexible, we can leave everything to you.

※1 Increased production equipment to two units for double tooling.

Key Points of Resolution

※2 Minimize time loss by handling everything from packaging to commercialization in-house.

Key Points of Resolution

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