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Insurance coverage in line with the company's business.

Insurance coverage in line with the company's business.


I have had auto and liability insurance as suggested by my bank-affiliated insurance agent, but I want to change to another agency.


Review of auto and liability insurance.

We have been renewing our insurance policy under the same conditions as the previous year without reviewing it every year, but we are sometimes concerned about whether it really provides the coverage we need. I also think that I need to prepare for risks with insurance, but I am unaware of the options available.

Key Points of the Issue

Insurance policy with the right coverage for your company.


Key Points of Resolution

Required coverage and maintenance of insurance policies.

Insurance guidance in line with the company's needs.

Risks vary from company to company. In addition, every company has the same desire to reduce insurance premiums.
We have proposed coverage that suits the company's business, eliminating unnecessary coverage and reducing insurance premiums. In addition, we do not leave the contract as it is, but maintain the contents as needed. Additionally, we properly respond to accidents.
Since Keiaisha is an agent for major non-life insurance companies, we are able to confidently propose insurance products.

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