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Aluminum Recycling Business

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Timely molten metal supply.

Timely molten metal supply.


We want to reduce the inventory of aluminum ingots to cut costs.


Can you handle urgent requests while adjusting inventory?

The company requires thorough inventory regulation, but the number of ingot orders is adjusted in case of unexpected production problems or requests for backup. However, it is sometimes difficult to adjust the inventory near the end of the month.

Key Points of the Issue

・We are stocked with aluminum ingots, so we do not want to be overstocked.

・Due to urgent requests for production support, reducing the quantity of ingots too much will hinder production.


Key Points of Resolution

Timely molten metal supply.

Switching from aluminum ingots to molten metal (molten aluminum) contributes to the reduction of inventory and costs.

In addition, eliminating the re-melting of ingots improves the melting yield and reduces ingot melting man-hours (labor costs), furnace maintenance costs (furnace construction costs), energy required (heavy oil, gas, and electricity), and CO2 emissions (carbon neutral).

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Aluminum Recycling Business

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